Parents are our children’s first teachers. Human beings derive who we are from our beginnings. Content of ones character passes on to our children. Remember, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”? First sight teaches emotional response from facial expressions. Hearing tone of voice teaches emotional response. Sense of touch teaches emotional response. Body language teaches emotional response. An angry face, looming voice and clenched fists warn us.

I’m quite thankful no one is perfect. What a boring and predictable world we would live in if we were. Granted, everyone has a bad day. We, as our children’s first teachers, have to aid our children to handle all of life’s daily ups and downs.

            Where to begin? We must begin with ourselves. Content of ones character. Who we are touches everyone we come across through out our lives. You will not be friends with everyone and everyone will not be a friend with you. People will come into and out of our lives. Start with respect. Respect for each other and ourselves. Put your feet in the other person’s shoes. How does it feel? Is it too tight? Do you get a blister? Is it too loose, flopping as you go? How do you want others to remember you?


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