Values and Traditions

First Lady, Michelle Obama, said “we must change our traditions and change our history. “ I do not understand the need for a change in traditions unless it is to the betterment.  Why? Why must we change our traditions? Our traditions are passed down from generation to generation.  Are we to believe we should not honor our mother and father? Will the content of ones character thrive bearing false witness? Shall we empower our children to be held above all else? We know in our hearts, it is unethical to cheat. Yeah, it is highly unlikely I will teach my children to steal. Will you go to your neighbor with the intent to kill? Do we teach our children not to turn the other cheek? I think not.

            Change our history? Mrs. Obama must not be aware of the value in being able to learn from history. Having history is a blessing. History lays the foundation of what has come before us. America’s diverse past contains an abundance of wealth in knowledge beyond any dreams.   Our struggle is just beginning. Our Constitution is being systematically dismantled.  We have to arm our children with the tools they will need to defend their freedoms.  


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