Families use a budget

Families use a budget, why can’t our government. Food prices are climbing and gas prices have skyrocketed. Prices started to climb before Japan’s horrific tragedy. Our current administration’s agenda is to plunge America into an abyss. Progressive Democrats have given Democrats a bad name. Green is a Progressive trick  used to  prey on the masses. Obama’s minions are not granting permits for oil drilling. Obama’s minions are not granting permits for coal mining. How are we to achieve energy independence with Obama’s minions undermining our nations national security. We must keep up our household budgets. We have to do our best to conserve fuel by making fewer trips. Do not fall into the trap of eco autos. Begin a food pantry. As food prices continue increase we’ll have less spending power to fuel our cars. Remember your father? ” Turn out the light!” Turn off electricity you are not using. Do you have a lamp you hardly ever use, unplug it. Electricity is generating, waiting for you to turn the light on. I do realize these are small things. It is all the small things that add up to the big thing. Banks are beginning to charge our accounts for usage. Read the garbage that comes with your statement. We will be charged for using our ATM cards too much or not enough. You thought the Financial Regulation Bill was to be good for America? Be wise with your spending. Eat dinner with your family from the food you bought together at the store. Teach your family how far money goes and not that you just wave plastic and things appear. Small children understand can understand “not enough”. Older children need to be taught the difference between want and need.


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