Learn the Alphabet

Enjoy technology with your toddler through kindergartener to teach letters of the alphabet in lower case form. Fun photographs display animals and every day objects that begin with the letter sound and have the word written below. Children can learn the alphabet in the comfort of your own home or on the go by way of technology.

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Printable Practice Writing Circles Activity

Our children need for us to give them every tool available to offer the necessary skills they will need to achieve greater advantages for them. A printable practice writing circles activity  introduces the basic concept of writing circles to prepare preschoolers and kindergarten to write letters and numbers.

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Printable Practice Writing Lines Activity

Share with your child printable practice writing lines activities to introduce basic letter writing concepts to prepare preschoolers and kindergarten to write letters and numbers. Teaching your child at home can be made into fun. 

Printable Writing Numbers Activity

A printable writing numbers activity is fun way to introduce your preschooler to counting and writing numbers. Your kindergartener will enjoy the practice of writing skills from their own home. You could begin by having your preschooler use a finger. Hook your preschooler to the magic by using different writing implements. My son loved the chalk dust left behind on his hands. My daughter couldn’t tolerate the mess of chalk. Have fun with your child. Use your imagination to spark their’s.

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