President Obama’s “Forward”

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

President Obama’s “Forward” is waging war on America. “We tried our plan…and it worked.” American’s freedoms are under attack by our current administration. Our Department of Social Justice, America’s first ever Attorney General to be held in contempt, did not prosecute a case of “Voter Intimidation” and is suing States over Voter Identification laws. America’s Department of Homeland Insecurity, in conjunction with Immigration and Customs Exemption, discontinued deportation of illegals in 2009 and filed a law suit against a sheriff in Arizona for upholding Federal Immigration Laws. Environmental Protagonists Agency will be closing down 26 coal mines this year. Energy costs will skyrocket as President Obama promised. Department of Health and Inhumane Services Secretary believes sterility will end poverty. Government Spending Agency living large on taxpayer funding. Internal Reverie Service to hire 160,000 more agents to disperse fraudulent claims.  The list goes on and on. Is this the change you hoped for?


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