I am not writing this blog to win a popularity contest. I do not “need” to go “viral”. I began writing to stop my sister from nagging at me. You know all about family. Cathy wants me to share with other parents. ( We parents are our children’s first teachers. I was fortunate to be able to be a stay at home mom. I had wanted to be a teacher when I grew up and write books for children. I have a great love for children of any age. It is the greatest thing of all to be able to witness the moment they catch the magic. I do not care how old they are. Watching a toddler develop problem solving skills is truly amazing. The thought undertaken for them to figure out how to hold a cookie in one hand and to be able to maneuver around a stray shoe without falling down is like watching miracles happen. Watching first day of school jitters every  year. Seeing the light come on when division is mastered. My son’s beaming face as I hand him the keys to my car. All miracles, each and everything I am able to witness for myself.

My two wonderful children have grown beyond needing their Mommy any more. I taught them both to read, write, add and subtract, science, and much more than they would need to know to enter kindergarten. Our school district is flexible in curriculum for gifted students. I could have home schooled if I so had chosen to do so. I feel children learn far more from the day-to-day co-operation of interacting with society at school than I could ever possibly teach them at home. Children need to learn not everyone is going to be friends with them and that they are not going to be friends with everyone. Valuable coping skills need to be mastered.

I am educated by the school of life. I have a high school diploma. I enjoy reading and using the library. I taught myself to use a computer so I could teach my children how to work it as a tool and not a toy. I knew by the time they entered school, there would be computers in the classroom. I volunteered in my children’s classrooms. After my son entered first grade, their principal offered me a job with them as a teacher’s aide.

Trial and error was the method I used to teach my children. I followed their lead. When my daughter, Rachel, caught the magic of numbers, she wanted to write it down. My son, Robert, however, liked to use matchbox cars or any other thing he could put his hands on. Robert was hands on and Rachel was busy keeping it inside of her mind. I used every thing every day as a learning experience. We had a letter of the day, number of the day, color of the day, shape of the day every day. I taught measuring in our kitchen while we cooked together. Simple science was taught watching steam evaporate over a pot of water for pasta. I taught all the seasons taking walks with them. We learned about bugs, weather, and trees while walking.

My 18 month old Granddaughter, Jessica, is in need of her Nana, now. Jessica is pictured with me in my profile photo. I use her as my guinea pig for books I am creating on my computer.  My daughter and her husband live in a different state than I do. We visit with each other often. Here we go: 2 am call asking, Mommmmmyyyyyy,  what do I do? And “Lots of love” is always my conclusion of my help with every round.


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