Telling Time Activity

Telling Time Activity

Telling Time Activity

Telling time for children is made fun with animal clock worksheets. Color, cut, and paste to build your own happy analog clock. All of the clock parts have labels. Included within this packet is a whimsical elephant coo coo clock coloring page displaying each individual minute. Practice handwriting while writing the hour and tracing minutes in digital form. Read the digital form of time, trace the time, and draw the missing minute and hour hands to tell the time activities. Five minute intervals to trace, cut out, and paste under the correct analog clock. Hour and five-minute interval analog animal clocks need to have the correct digital form written below them. Digital read outs need analog clock missing hands drawn. Past the hour or till the next labeled coloring page. Draw a circle around the analog animal clocks that are past the hour or till the next. Cut out clocks and paste into groups of quarter past the hour, half past the hour, or quarter till the hour.

Numbers 1-10 Activity Worksheets

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Printable Valentine’s Day Activities

Printable Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine’s Day Activities

Printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages, word search, word scramble, picture Sudoku, mazes, picture matching, counting, hidden pictures, dot to dots, heart origami, and a Valentine’s Day themed writing paper to download or copy and paste.

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Thanksgiving Day is an American holiday

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Thanksgiving Day is not a religious holiday. Thanksgiving Day is an American holiday. We celebrate in the remembrance of how thankful we are for the American Indians’ compassion to aid our forefathers. Pass on to our children the basic principle of gratitude. A few years ago I was invited to attend a Thanksgiving celebration with a dear friend’s family. Before we broke bread, I participated in a family tradition. We went around the table speaking of why we each of us were thankful. I was thankful for this family opening their home to share this holiday with me. The father of the house was thankful to be able to have his family, home, and bounty to share with me. The mother of the house was thankful for a new addition to their family. The growing male teen of the family was thankful for the deviled eggs I brought to share. I was moved by this family tradition. I too, after this thankful day, have begun to follow this family’s ideal of sharing individual thanksgiving. We, as a people, have much to be thankful for.

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