Printable Cutting and Colors Activity Worksheets

Cutting and Colors Activities

Cutting and Colors Activities

Printable cutting and colors activities develop the fine motor skills needed to cut with scissors. Coloring and cutting go hand in hand. Keep a thumb up cutting just the dotted lines after coloring each page a different color of the rainbow. I threw in brown to be able to use a monkey for curves. The corners cut off of Cutting and Colors Activity purple page are to be pasted onto the page so, don’t forget glue.

Tracing Shapes Activity
Tracing Lines Activity


Printable Halloween Activities

Printable Halloween activities for children of all ages to color, cut, maze, dot to dot, match, word scramble and word search a Happy Halloween.


Printable Tracing Guide for Numbers and Letters

Printable tracing guide for writing numbers and letters can help parents teach preschoolers through kindergarteners how to write the letters of the alphabet and numbers. You may also be interested in or Handwriting is becoming a lost art form. Technology has enabled us to no longer have a need to set pen to paper. Encourage your older children to write.

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Printable Create a Calendar

It does not need to be January for your preschooler or kindergartener to enjoy learning days of the week and months of the year by printing a calendar they can color and decorate of their own. Add your family and friend’s birthdays, anniversary, play dates and events for your child to countdown. Have fun! Get creative! Use a different color to write with for each member of your family.

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Printable American Sign Language Flashcards

Communicate with people having a hearing disability. Adults and young children do not need to be deaf to learn sign language. Begin at the beginning with the alphabet. Printable American Sign Language Flashcards can be printed out on cardstock paper for durability.


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Learn Shapes

How many shapes can you find around the house with your child? Nine different shapes are displayed individually in vibrant colors. Each shape has it’s name written below.

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Printable Tracing Shapes Activity

Printable tracing shapes activity can be used by parents, grandparents, and caregivers  alike of toddlers through preschoolers to learn pre-writing skills. Grab a hold of your child’s favorite stuffed animal’s hand to introduce the concept of tracing. When your toddler has developed the ability to point, they can use a finger to trace. Have older ones use crayons, a Cheerio, a Goldfish cracker, pencils, chalk, or markers to master fine motor skills.

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